Rinna Kazamatsuri
Rinna Kazamatsuri
Name in Japanese 風祭 りんな
Rōmaji Translation Kazamatsuri Rin'na
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Ryo Hirohashi
Voice Actor (English) Sandy Fox
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 12
Birthday July 07, 2344
Blood Type B
Birthplace Sweden

Rinna Kazamatsuri (風祭 りんな Kazamatsuri Rin'na?) is a transfer student from the Ultima foundation, and considers Shipon to be both a friend and chief rival. Rinna is a few years younger than Shipon and most of the other students, but because there are few children at Ultima (it being the newest of the foundations, and still incomplete), she has little to do with herself but play with simulators. As a result, she's far better at piloting and zero-G movement than most people years older than she is.

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