Masaru Odawara
Masaru Odawara
Name in Japanese 小田原 大
Rōmaji Translation Odawara Masaru
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Mitsuki Saiga
Voice Actor (English) Dave Wittenberg
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday July 09, 2340
Blood Type O
Birthplace Australia

Masaru Odawara (小田原 大, Odawara Masaru) is another of Shipon's classmates and is seen hanging out with Joey and Pierre. Others call him by his nickname, Dai, which is another reading for his given name in kanji (大). In the last few episodes he becomes very serious and says some very influential things which is broadcast through the solar system as the last sounds from Stellvia before the inevitable end.

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