Kent Austin
Kent Austin
Name in Japanese ケント・オースチン
Rōmaji Translation Kento Ōsuchin
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Daisuke Kishio
Voice Actor (English) Steven Blum
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 20
Birthday April 28, 2336
Blood Type A
Birthplace United States of America

Kent Austin (ケント・オースチン, Kento Ōsuchin) is one of the Big 4. He usually tries to stir Ayaka up with information that could be potential competition for her with no intention of any of it leading to the "accidents" arranged by Ayaka. He gets Shipon and her friends out of a spot of trouble at the beginning when he saw them as he was passing by. Kent seems to like Ayaka more than just a friend. Though he doesn't try to make anything out of it.

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