Kouta Otoyama
Kouta Otoyama
Name in Japanese 音山 光太
Rōmaji Translation Otoyama Kōta
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Takahiro Mizushima
Voice Actor (English) Johnny Yong Bosch
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 15
Birthday January 1, 2341
Height 171 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type AB

Kouta Otoyama (音山 光太 Otoyama Kōta?) is an enigmatic character. He and Shipon develop a romantic relationship (they share their first kiss in episode 12) but there's still a lot about him that remains unknown. He has an older sister who runs an astronomical observatory in Japan. He often gives advice which is as enigmatic as himself.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He consistently achieves rank C in every class, without exception, regardless of how easy or hard the subject is. And when he was warned of the possibility of Ayaka attacking Shipon during training, he displays extraordinary piloting abilities beyond what his ship should have been capable of handling. Another example would be during a simulator-game where Rinna scored Rank A, and Shima scored Rank B, but he scored Rank S. When Shima asks why Kouta does not do the best during class, especially since he is capable of it, he merely says: he wonders why also. Pierre once remarks "Talented hawks hide their talons" when referring to Kouta's skills.

On a different note, James was curious of Kouta's 'vision' and said he was chosen by the universe.

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