Jinrai Shirogane
Jinrai Shirogane
Name in Japanese 白銀 迅雷
Rōmaji Translation Shirogane Jinrai
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Keiji Fujiwara
Voice Actor (English) Sean Roberts
Personal Info
Gender Male

Jinrai Shirogane (白銀 迅雷 Shirogane Jinrai?) is another teacher at Stellvia's Space Academy; he appears to teach programming. He is particularly enthusiastic about the school's athletics carnival and Astroball, (a game that has some similarities with Lacrosse), which he played in his student days at Stellvia. Passionate and determined, Jinrai is intent upon having the students' voices heard when no-one will listen. Jinrai has feelings for the flirtatious school nurse Ren.

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