Arisa Glennorth
Arisa Glennorth
Name in Japanese アリサ・グレンノース
Rōmaji Translation Arisa Gurennōsu
Appears in Anime
Voice Actor (Japanese) Yuki Matsuoka
Voice Actor (English) Lucy Hudson
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 15
Birthday October 04, 2340
Height 167 cm
Weight 52 kg
Three Sizes B81/W58/H82
Blood Type O
Birthplace United States of America

Arisa Glennorth (アリサ・グレンノース Arisa Gurennōsu?) is Shipon's best friend at the Stellvia foundation. They meet on the shuttle going to the station from Earth at the beginning of the term, and find themselves rooming together and in the same class as well. Though Arisa is nowhere near Shipon in academic or piloting ability, she finds Shipon to be an inspiration to improve herself, and calls Shipon her "Star of Hope". Later in the series, she begins focusing on becoming a mechanic, rather than a pilot. It is revealed in the last episode that she has a little sister named Mia.

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